Annette Brothers Strawberry Preserves

This is a deceptively simple recipe with just a few steps. However, you must not ignore the basic instructions and try to rush things along. If you do it your way and not Annette’s, you will be very disappointed with the final product.

5 lbs strawberries (washed and tops removed)
5 lbs granulated sugar
Gulf canning wax
8 oz jars with lids (sterilized)

Put the berries in a large saucepan with a heavy bottom. Place the sugar on top of the berries. Over low heat, bring the berries to a boil. If done properly, this will take about an hour. Simmer 5 minutes or until there is a semi-thick syrup. Pour the berry preserve into a platter or bowl and very carefully skim off the foam. This step will allow you a clear, pristine syrup. Let the berries sit overnight covered in plastic wrap. 

The next day, melt your gulf wax slowly on the stove. Scoop the preserves into jars and pour a thin but complete layer of wax over the berries. Put the lid on and you are done.