Rules of the Rows

Despite the crazy spring weather where warm fronts were followed by late freezes, the strawberry crop survived and pick-your-own strawberry farms are now open.“We are looking at a very good year for strawberries,” said Dexter Hill, a strawberry marketing specialist with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. “We’re looking at very good yields.”For those headed out to pick strawberries, we sought advice from Curtis Smith, owner

We Talk Wood Carving with Jamie Jones

Fans may recognize Jamie Jones from his previous brief appearances on “A Chef’s Life.” He built the henhouse for the family’s flock of chickens and competed in the potato salad contest in the “One Potato, Two Potato” episode in the third season.What fans don’t know is that Jones has been a longtime fixture in Vivian’s life. They went to middle school together and Vivian says, “Jamie was the hottest guy in the whole school. He was something.” Jones and his wife, Rebecc

Food52 Cookbook Club Picks DEEP RUN ROOTS

This month, home cooks across the country are putting up jars of pickled beets, baking sweet potato and turkey shepherd’s pies and salivating over plates of marinated turnips with orange and pumpkin seeds.That’s because Vivian’s cookbook, “Deep Run Roots,” was selected by Food52’s readers to be the second book for its inau

Our Favorite Bites On The Way To The Beach

Driving to the beach for vacation not only offers the opportunity for good food at your final destination but also along the way. With that in mind, we offer three tasty destinations no matter where you are headed along the North Carolina coast.  Crystal CoastFor those going to the Crystal Coast, enjoy the shrimp burger at El’s Drive-In in Morehead City, which Vivi

Support A Chef's Life, Buy Some Holiday Gifts

This is the time of year when you can knock two items off your to-do list: • Make a dent in your holiday shopping• Support your favorite PBS showAll purchases in the Chef's Life online store go to support the making of the show, which viewers have grown to love over the last five seasons. The funding

A CHEF’S LIFE Season 5: When to Watch

Check below to find out when A CHEF’S LIFE Season 5 is airing on your local PBS Station!*  If you do not see your station listed, check your local listings or call your station to let them know you are a fan of A Chef’s Life. ALABAMA • WBIQ AL PTV, Birmingham, AL at 11am Saturdays starting Oct. 28CALIFOR

A Duke’s Story: Ben Knight’s Love Affair with Mayo

Viewers of “A Chef’s Life” know that there may be no bigger fan of mayonnaise than Vivian’s husband, Ben Knight. In episode 10 of season four, Vivian staged a blind taste test of various mayonnaise brands. Chef & the Farmer staff dipped their spoons and tasted, and competed to see who could identify them. While the taste test was a lot of fun, it also revealed Ben’s deep love of mayonnaise, like when he sneaked another tablespoonful or dipped a piece of bread full on into

Holiday Shopping: Our Favorite 2017 Cookbooks

Are you looking for holiday gifts for the home cook in your life? We asked a few North Carolina cookbook authors to share their favorite books this year. Their suggestions and a few of our own are sure to make someone on your list very happy. Sheri Castle has written a number of excellent cookbooks including “https://www.amazon.com/New-Southern-Garden-Cookbook-Hom

Between the Scenes: Kings BBQ & Parker's BBQ

In season five’s final episodes, Vivian visited two well-known barbecue restaurants in Eastern North Carolina: Parker’s BBQ in Greenville and Kings BBQ in Kinston. At Parker’s, Vivian dined on chicken livers. At Kings, she took away an order of “pig and a puppy,” a barbecue and coleslaw-stuffed hush puppy. If you are headed to eastern North Carolina this holiday season, you

Between the Scenes: Vivian Brews Beer at Sierra Nevada

Last summer, Vivian visited Sierra Nevada brewery in Mills River, N.C., outside of Asheville. She went to watch Sierra Nevada’s vice president Brian Grossman and his team brew a cucumber thyme Saison for the “A Chef’s Life’s” premiere party this past September. Beyond helping create a refreshing beer, Vivian left with a ton of knowledge about the brewing process, Sierra Nevada, and how challenging cucumber is as a beer ingredient. She and Brian, whose father Ken started <a ta

Between The Scenes: A Conversation with David Cecelski

No one may know more about eastern North Carolina history than David Cecelski, an accomplished historian who has spent his entire career focused on the place where he grew up. A Chef’s Life fans will recognize Cecelski from season five’s pear episode, where he and his daughter, Vera, showed Vivian how they make pear preserves. We wanted to share our interview with the Harvard-trained historian, encourage our fans to read his blog, and maybe be inspired by his advice to do their own

Where You Want to Collect Everything

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a beautifully-laid table and the feeling of being fussed over enough for the hostess to pull out “the good china.” It’s a little known fact that Vivian is a sucker for elegant dishes, glassware and the other items that grace festive tables. Replacements, the Greensboro-based company

A Twist on Mrs. Scarlett's Deviled Eggs

If you are going to make Easter eggs, you might as well boil some extra to make deviled eggs for the holiday meal. We’ve got some fun twists on Mrs. Scarlett’s Deviled Eggs from the egg episode in season two — added country ham, collards and chowchow to our filling. A few tips: make sure the butter is room temperature soft or it will be too hard to squeeze through the piping bag and nozzle. Read the recipe through first if you want to do a variation; the added ingredient can change the

A Chef's Life Fans Share Their Le Creuset Stories

We asked “A Chef’s Life” fans to share stories about their beloved Le Creuset pots and pans. And boy did they have stories to tell — about their family heirlooms, how they splurged on a set for themselves or received them as gifts. One lucky fan even rescued a Dutch oven from a South Carolina landfill! Read all the endearing Everyday Le Creuset stories from A CHEF’S LIFE fans below.Family HeirloomsRussell Smit

Meet The Peanut Farmers and The Peanut Roasters

Marty and Donna Harper are peanut farmers. Betsy Owens, and her husband, Jack Lawrence, are peanut roasters. Beyond an affinity for this lowly legume, the couples have another connection: a patch of farmland in eastern North Carolina.The Harpers both come from long lines of farmers. Marty’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all small-scale farmers. Donna’s family was the same: “I’m a Lenoir County farmer’s daughter. I swore I’d never marry one. Now I’m raising two.” The