Talking Dirty: Vivian Shares How She Handles Laundry Woes


With twins and a busy career, there’s always a lot of laundry to be done in Vivian’s Kinston home. Vivian shared her laundry challenges and routine. Electrolux is a sponsor of “A Chef’s Life” and your resource for a full line of front-load washers and dryers.  

What is the laundry routine in your house? 
Everybody does laundry. I hate folding laundry. I’m really good about doing it and then leaving it in the dryer. 

What laundry quirks do your kids have? 
Right now, Theo is obsessed with basketball. The only thing that Theo wants to wear is a University of Michigan basketball jersey that Ben bought him or a Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors) jersey. We have to constantly keep those washed. His previous obsession was Michael Jackson. During that phase he always needed a clean pair of Flo’s black jeggings, a white V-neck t-shirt and a blue button-down shirt that he tied at the waist; it was Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” video outfit. Our Electrolux washer has a 15-minute fast wash setting that really comes in handy when we discover that Theo’s favorite clothes aren’t clean. 

What about Flo?
I make Flo pretreat her own laundry because her clothes get so stained. She’s terrible about eating and rubbing her hands on her shirt. Even when she has a napkin in her lap! Our new Electrolux washer is a stain-removal life-saver so now Flo will be happy not to have to presoak anymore and I’ll be pleased to see the stains on Flo’s shirts vanish — at least until the next meal. 

You work out on a regular basis. What’s your laundry schedule for those clothes?
We all have things we prefer to wear. I feel that way, particularly about my workout clothes. I have two sets I like to wear so I try to wash them regularly. I choose the activewear setting on our Electrolux washer, which is specifically designed for cleaning lightweight, synthetic athletic clothes. Being able to wear the exercise clothes I feel best in is kind of like wearing your favorite dress to a party. You like how you look so you have more fun at the party. So you could say our washing machine makes exercise a party...almost.

Photo by Baxter Miller