Where You Want to Collect Everything


There’s nothing quite like the sight of a beautifully-laid table and the feeling of being fussed over enough for the hostess to pull out “the good china.” It’s a little known fact that Vivian is a sucker for elegant dishes, glassware and the other items that grace festive tables. Replacements, the Greensboro-based company that sells vintage and current dinnerware, collectibles and estate jewelry (and “A Chef’s Life” sponsor), recently hosted Vivian for a book-signing event, and given her own small but growing cast of collectible ware, she felt right at home.

Here are some of Vivian’s favorite things to collect:

Deviled Egg Plates: While she doesn’t have a vast collection — only about half a dozen — Vivian loves to use them for appetizers other than deviled eggs. They are the perfect way to present fritters or other one-bite appetizers at a party. She loves the fact that you can have a deviled egg plate for almost any holiday.

Crystal relish trays: Vivian loves an old-school crystal relish tray for pickles, nuts or other tasty hors d'oeuvres. She suggests using the sectioned trays to serve with finger foods that need a sauce, like her Fried Popcorn Oysters with Kitchen Sink Mayo.  

Fun cocktail glasses: Vivian is a sucker for any little glasses that she can use to serve a cocktail: juice glasses, champagne coupe glasses, silver-edged whiskey tumblers, like those seen on “Mad Men.” She’s a fan of the Fostoria brand’s metallic-rimmed cocktail glasses and coupes.

Pyrex bowls: The folks at Replacements may have kicked off a new obsession for Vivian by giving her the gift of a Cinderella Mixing Bowls in Turquoise Butterprint by Pyrex. They chose wisely; it was the same style that her Grandmother Hill had when she was growing up.