Between The Scenes: Best of 2016


With 10 episodes added to our growing roster of ingredients, we thought it would be fun to compile our favorite moments from this season in our first ever “Best Of” Awards. 

1. Best Holiday Gift Inspired By An Episode

Pigtails, Ham hocks, and fatback, oh my!  
The gift of seasoning meats Vivian distributed at her New York book launch dinner was so peculiar, Ben couldn’t keep his opinion to himself, exclaiming, “I’m not gonna lie, Viv, these are very strange gifts.” But, if you’re looking for a quirky flavorful holiday gift for an adventurous eater, head to your grocer’s pork department and grab a few packs of smoked pigtails. Trust us. ‘The meat of the south’ is guaranteed to make any Christmas much merrier! (#PorkyGoodness online: Wayco Hams or Nahunta Pork Center)    

2. Most Delightful Moment Of #FourthHelping 

Beatin’ Peas like a 92 year-old!  
Maybe one of the most endearing moments of all four seasons combined, Jeremy Norris of Broadslab Distillery brought his 92 year-old Aunt Virginia along to teach Vivian a thing or two about the lost art of ‘beatin' peas.’ Basically, she giggled a whole lot while swinging a big tobacco stick at a canvas sack full of dried peas….and it was awesome!   

WATCH Episode 3: Peas, Please

3. #FourthHelping Recipe You Can’t Wait To Make At Home 

It's a tie! You decide...  
Ok, ladies and gentlemen. We have ourselves a tie. There’s that one time when Vivian layered braised watermelon over pork ribs. The watermelon took on the texture of roasted tomatoes and created what Vivian called ‘an intoxicating juice.’ Simply put, the first forkful changes lives. Coming in equally delicious is the spring onion gratin Vivian prepared for dinner with the Avett Brothers in "Onions and Avetts." Vivian was really proud of that dish, which, of course, made about 3 million people really eager to try it.  
WATCH Episode 2: My Watermelon Baby

4. Best#FourthHelping One-Liner  

Miss Lillie's Saucy Wit  
This award is a no-brainer. Miss Lillie is as well-known for her mouthwatering biscuits as she is for her saucy wit. When Vivian committed the cardinal sin of asking Miss Lillie how long it’d take for her stewed cabbage to cook, Miss Lillie fired back, “I don’t know! I don’t never time nothin!” After which, Vivian resumed her role of waiting patiently.