6 Questions for ACL’s Newcomer, Christine Delp


As a recent graduate of Duke University’s documentary program, Christine Delp brings a fresh perspective to the ACL Team. Christine, like many of A CHEF’S LIFE team members, has family ties to eastern North Carolina and personally identifies with the tone of the show as well as the wealth of personalities highlighted in each episode. As the youngest member of the team, Christine is what we might call, spry. We talked to her about the energy she brings to the team as well as her dreams and aspirations.

Can you tell us what made you pursue filmmaking and how you got involved with A CHEF'S LIFE?
I’ve always been a big fan of Cynthia and the show, so it was pretty much the dream to get to work with her. I ambushed her after a screening of PRIVATE VIOLENCE when I was in college at Duke, studying at the Center for Documentary Studies. I think I handed her a wrinkled resume and said something really awkward like, “I love you and I want to work for you.” Luckily she didn’t think that was weird.

It’s been really amazing to work on A CHEF’S LIFE because the series is so personal for me. My mother’s family is all from Kinston, and I grew up eating at Chef & the Farmer. I still remember the first time I had Vivian’s fried collards! I couldn’t be more thrilled to work on a series that shares my heritage with the world, presented in the style of film I want to produce—smart, interesting, content that challenges stereotypes about the South.

How would you describe your role on the show?
I’m an Associate Producer, which means I do a little bit of everything. I write a lot of grants and proposals to keep the show funded, and I also manage daily operations, making sure all the little details get done. I shadow Cynthia pretty much everywhere, so my primary job is really keeping her sane.

What are some other cool projects you've worked on?
A lot of my job involves working on other cool projects at Markay Media, but many of these are top-secret right now so folks should like the Markay Media Facebook page to stay in the know about what other series and films we have up our sleeves.

Right now I’m also producing a short documentary with David Mayer, our assistant editor, about what it’s like for a group of high school seniors to play their last game of basketball. It’s called SENIOR NIGHT.

What's your favorite episode of A CHEF'S LIFE?
I love The Fish Episode, Y’all. The whole episode reminds me of being with my family—going to Bogue Island pier at Emerald Isle, cooking a big pot of fish stew outside in the cold air. My family never fished (we usually bought it from the seafood market), but almost every scene in that episode gives me the warm fuzzies. When I felt homesick abroad in college, I used to cook fish stew and invite friends over. Culinary writers will one day wonder what brought Eastern North Carolina fish stew to Greenland. Red stew, obviously.

If you were stranded on a deserted island (or just outside of Kinston) with only one food item and one utensil, what would they be?
My mother’s homemade coffee icing and a spatula.