Friends of A Chef's Life

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All PBS shows are supported by you! We are raising funds to cover production costs in order to make the series possible. A Chef's Life is independently produced and funded and we want to keep it that way! 

The Friends of A Chef’s Life group was launched to give fans and supporters the opportunity to assist with production costs for this Peabody and Emmy Award-winning program through charitable giving. Please take a moment to ensure that A Chef's Life remains independently-produced and continues to celebrate Southern food traditions one ingredient at a time. Our Friends are viewers who love A Chef's Life, its mission, and are dedicated to the continued production of this very special public television series.

To become a Friend of A Chef’s Life, you can make a tax-deductible contribution through the ETV Endowment of South Carolina.

Special thanks to our current supporters

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Woodrow, Cynthia
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Dawson, Wiley
Doubleday, Douglas
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McClure, Donald and Kay
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