S1 Ep.3: Pimp My Grits

The restaurant gears up for a practice service where the new equipment and new menu will be tested in real time – but nothing is going as planned. One of the big changes to the restaurant’s menus is the addition of a section called “Pimp My Grits,” where Vivian exalts the lowly, quintessentially Southern ingredient in four distinct ways.

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    Old Mill of Guilford

    1340 NC Hwy 68 North Oak Ridge NC 27310
  • 2

    Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen

    7307 Tryon Rd Cary NC 27518
  • 3

    Homeland Creamery

    6506 Bowman Dairy Rd Julian NC 27283
  • 4

    Chef & the Farmer

    120 W. Gordon St Kinston North Carolina 28501
  • 5
  • 6

    Kinston - Lenoir County Farmers Market

    100 Herritage Street Kinston NC 28501
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